Community Photo Gallery

male employee standing behind our swag booth at the OSPCA Fundraising Walk

OSPCA Friends For Life Walk Fundraising Booth

Our Sales & Marketing Manager, Lucas Lindegaard, attending our swag booth at the OSPCA Friends For Life! Walk Fundraising Event. The turn out for this event was spectacular! So many people with their dogs and kids attended this past Sunday, donating as much as we all could to this amazing charity! Hopefully the SERVPRO Gatorade left everyone refreshed and ready to tackle their Sundays after their scenic walk through Sunnidale Park.

Helping out our community

This holiday season, SERVPRO Barrie wanted to help out our local community and donate 50 Christmas trees to families in need. We donated all 50 trees with delivery included to grateful families. There is nothing like giving back! Happy Holidays everyone.

Open House

Table set up with all of our SERVPRO goodies at our successful OPEN HOUSE back in October 2017. Thanks again to everyone who came out to show your support, it was a great day!

Midhurst Autumnfest

SERVPRO Barrie's booth set up at the Midhurst Autumnfest! Our booth hosted a jello eating contest for the kits. Everyone had a great time.